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Day 19 - to Draper, UT

We were weren’t in a great hurry to get started. First we got on line to check the weather. We had intended to stay on I80 through Salt Lake to Rawlins, WY, We would turn south at Laramie on US 287 to Fort Collins and then get on I25 to Colorado Springs. indicated that Rawlins and the Wyoming Rockies were due for some serious winter weather - both snow and temperatures. We opted to take a southern route for some reason.

We also ran out to get propane and to top off our fuel before we hooked up. We finally got on the road at 10 AM. This day, we knew from previous experiences, would be much different that any driving that we’d done since we left Colorado in April. The drive on I80 from Elko to Wendover, NV was quite typical with frequent climbs and continually interesting terrain.

When we drop out of NV at Wendover and the state line, 2 significant things happen. We cross into the Mountain Time Zone (we lose an hour) and the interstate becomes totally and straight for 51 mile and after a couple of slight steering adjustments, we arrive in the bustling city of Salt Lake. For that entire stretch, the elevation varies by no more that 30 feet. Additionally you drive through salt flats which aren’t real conducive to plant life and thus, any life whatsoever. This drive does, in fact, take you by the world famous Bonneville Salt Flats. As desolate as this sounds, it actually isn’t as bad as you would expect. It is fascinating to see the wavering horizon and the vast whiteness.

In Salt Lake, we got on to I15 and then exited in Draper and stopped at a busy, but pleasant RV park near an always fun Camping World. After getting set up, we went to Camping World and then to a very pleasant Italian restaurant.

We’re about to start on the final 2 days of out great adventure.