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Looking forward to Hongye's Table Tennis Tournament

The engine light is still on and Ken can't find the issue. Although we would be willing to run up to Anchorage, Lithia Dodge cannot find time till Monday. We chose to see what would happen if we reprogrammed the computer back to "Stock" again. This appeared to solve the engine light issue for real. We drove about 50 miles to validate and we seem to be OK.

The RV is shaping up inside and out. We are left with a few departure morning things to do. Guess we were more organized than we realized....or having a tough time realizing our time in Cooper Landing, AK is coming to an end. All we have to do is think of "kids", grandkids and friends at home and it makes it easier to leave our AK family and friends. Knowing we have made lifetime friends and that we will keep in touch is a comforting thought.....AND they all have invited us back.

After going on another test drive to Moose Pass to validate the engine light (we were hoping to say another good bye to our friend Brett at the Moose Pass Lodge), we went to Wildman's for lunch and had our good-bye hotdogs. Lisa had hoped to take Maureen shooting but a trip to Soldotna with Denny to have the new logos put on the Wildman vehicles extended into a much longer trip than they planned. Guess that means a trip to FL or they have a trip to CO. We must work out the details. OBTW....nice logo!!!

Hongye plays in the Table Tennis tournament tonight. We and the town are looking forward to the event! Hongye is a recent college graduate for Beijing University. She is from a town in China called Harbin and as mentioned went to University in Beijing, China. After graduating, she took part in a work/travel program that Cheryle had access to for employees. We had 2 girls from China, Hongye who worked on the day shift with Maureen and Ko-ting who worked on the afternoon shift.

Finally, Hongye and Maureen were able to have time to get together to spend it looking at each others photos. Since we were fortunate to have been able to visit Beijing, China, it was great fun looking at her pictures and actually recognizing many places in the photos. Unfortunately, we did not have our China photos with us.....maybe it will motivate us to get them on the web site! Through the photos we got to "meet' her parents and several of her close friends.
After eating a quick bite of supper we all got ready for the tournament.

The evening for the tournement has arrived and in less than an hour the competition will commence.

Opponent #1 Opponent #2
Opponent #3

Our ever shy and humble Hongye was so embarrased when the lady who ran the tournament grabbed her arm and thrust it in the air and announced to the entire gymnasium that Hongye was the Woman's Champion.

Hongye won the women's division with 3 quick victories against some very competent local entrants. After and hour and a half wait she played the men's winner for the overall championship.

She then won 2 of 3 games to claim the victory.....actually surprised us when she lost the first game as we all knew she was being polite and held back! Since we all had never seen a real competitive match we wanted to see her in real action! George got to warm up with her and Maureen got to play a bit also and wished she could have played more! It was a shame when we found out the next night that the Kingfisher had a Table Tennis table and we could have used it at any time!

Hongye's opponent was a fellow named Pho, who lives in AK in the summer and Beijing in the winter.....small world (and as Stephen Wright says.....but I would not want to paint it!).

Competing for the overall championship.

A good natured sport, Pho realizes he was lucky to play such a wonderful, skilled player. He is a skilled tennis player and teaches tennis in Beijing.

The Champions!

Hongye came to our RV after the tournament and "Skyped" her dad. We sent some pics to him so he could share her win tonight. Her mom is gone till Oct 2 refereeing Table Tennis tournement matches around China. Now we know where her ability comes from as her mom is also a competitor and her parents encouraged her from a very young age to play Table Tennis. She won $40 for women's share, $50 gift certificate from Kingfisher (a wonderful local restaurant) and $50 for the overall championship.......well deserved!

We decided to stay till Sat for more appropriate goodbyes!! We will join Hongye tomorrow at Kingfishers tomorrow night so she can enjoy her gift certificate and we can enjoy one more evening together.

Congratulations Hongye!!!

We are thrilled to have seen you play and pleased to have put off our departure until after the tournament.