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An inch of snow?

Sorry - we meant 12”. Too much is enough. It’s still coming down fairly hard. Should be coming to an end soon and will warm up to 40 but this is still sucky. We had already determined that it was unlikely that we could leave, but we sure didn’t anticipate this much snow. So we’ll do some organizing and shoveling. We’ll be ready. It’s 11 PM now and we can see the stars.

We ended up with about a foot of wet, slushy snow. It’s very well appreciated moisture but the timing is horrible. North of us (like 8 miles) was drizzle. In fact the Rockies played the Phillies at Coors Field in Denver with a bit of drizzle but no delays. Palmer Divide (our area in Colorado Springs) is infamous for snow. It came through again.

Please note the bike rack and cover. Really well done.

The snow was incredibly heavy. Look at the branches.

We’ll have to remove the snow from the slides in the AM. Dimas is out of town on a job but Ken took over for D and not only plowed the driveways, street but plowed around the RV for us!
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