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Leg 1 - Colorado Springs to Grand Junction, CO

We got on the road at 10:30. The hook up and departure went very well. We did have some last minute tasks that delayed us a bit, but we made it to our Grand Junction, CO destination with no problem but with some dreaded snow along the way.

We left under a perfect sky and pleasant temperatures. Our route took us north on I25 to C470 and then I70. Once we reached I70, we were faced with two challenging peaks with Eisenhower at 11,300 ft and Vail at 10,600 ft. Sounds like a nice warmup for our truck.

We were taken aback when we encountered some snow showers as we approached Eisenhower tunnel. They were frustrating but not challenging since the temperature hovered around 34° and the showers were non=threatening. We crossed the continental divide into Summit County with no issues.

Vail pass was a more challenging situation, however. By the time we reached the summit, it was snowing big time and the road was wet. The temperature hovered in the 20s. This isn’t what we anticipated. We made the crossing with no incidents.

The run to Grand Junction we a piece of cake. It is truly an incredible drive along the Eagle River and on one of the most amazing highway in the world. The engineering is awesome. And on top of that, the temperature was 70° when we arrived.

We arrived at Junction West RV Park at 4:45 and we set up by 5:15. We were ready to stop and the park is very nice.

Tomorrow we intend to stop in the Salt Lake City area.

Leg 2 - Grand Junction, CO to Draper, UT

We were off and running at 10:30 again after an excellent stay at Junction West. We had a somewhat abbreviated journey planned for today - only 268 miles to the town of Draper,UT - just outside of Salt Lake.
04-17 Entering Utah

We entered Utah on I70 after 26 miles and continued another 75 miles to Green River where we turned northwest on highway 6. The first 200 miles of today’s trip was almost entirely uninhabited desert on the edge of Moab and the rest of the incredible Utah canyons.

04-17 Jim Bridger
Shortly after the town of Price, we started climbing and went from 5,400 feet to the 7,600 foot summit. The Ram 3500 pulling the 38ft 16,000 lb RV conquered the 12 mile climb without slowing. After descending, we passed a small wind farm just before we joined I15 - the major north-south Utah interstate.
04-17 The big climb
04-17 I15-The hiway

When we merged onto I15, the traffic laden, construction burdened driving certainly was a more challenging experience. Fortunately, we soon arrived in Draper and were ready to call it a day.


Leg 3 - Draper, UT to Boise, ID

We’re in Boise. When we left Mountain Shadows in Draper, UT, rains were starting and forecasted to be very unpleasant. Sure enough. It rained fairly steadily for the first 3 hours of our journey.

04-18 - Mountain Shadows
Although towing the RV in traffic in the wasn’t our preference, it wasn’t too bad. The disappointing aspect was that the cloud cover obscured or diminished what was obviously a beautiful drive.

04-18 - Idaho
We went north on I15 before heading northwest on I84. The rolling hills that we passed for miles were spectacular. Finally at 2 pm, we finally started get glimpses of the sun and some blue skies.

04-18 - I84 ID
We enjoyed going through Snake River country. It is truly gorgeous. The Snake River may be the number one recreation river in the country all the water sports you can imagine. It also provides rafting enthusiasts with the opportunity to raft into Yellowstone National Park.

We arrived in a small, pleasant RV park (Mountain View RV Park) on the eastern edge of the city. It turns out that it is next to NIFC - National Interagency Fire Center - the nation’s wildfire management headquarters.

04-18 - Mountain View-NIFC

Tomorrow we will head to Prosser, WA to stay for 2 days at the Wine Country RV Park. Take a look at the link and you can see why it will be pleasant to take a break in Prosser.

Leg 4 - Boise to Prosser, WA

And why wouldn’t we stay an extra day at the Wine Country RV Park on Merlot Dr?

Our drive to Prosser was almost perfect. We left the park and had to drive right by NIFC (National Interagency Fire Center). That’s important because I had the opportunity to have some meetings here while working with the National Park servces on an IBM project and our daughter-in-law works for BLM in Wildfire Management. NIFC is the place to go for training.

The only downside on the drive was that we constantly drove into heavy wind. The weather was great (except for a surprising snow shower). The rolling hills were beautiful and the climb through the Cascades was spectacular.

04-19 Rolling hills
We anticipated taking an extra day to relax and enjoy the area. And when we arrived, we found that the campground manager was embarking on a similar venture heading to Soldotna to work at the Flying W RV Park. They are leaving in a couple of weeks though.

This area has grown from 12 wineries 6 years ago to 34 today. We went to the Airfield Estates Winery a quarter of a mile from our camp site. The winery was gorgeous and the wine tasting and tour were excellent. It was relaxed, non-pretentious and pleasant in a classy environment.

The day’s rest was superb but not long enough. We are off for Lynden, WA tomorrow. This will put us a few miles from the Samas border crossing so we will take the opportunity to get ready for the Canada portion of the journey.

Leg 4.1 A break in Prosser

It was a great break day. We slept in and then managed to get some goodies done like rearrange the truck and some minor maintenance items. We also took advantage of the excellent internet connection.

The extra day in Prosser was refreshing and relaxing. We intend to have single night stays for the next week. Whitehorse, YT has always been pleasant so that may be our next 2 night stay.
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