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Leg 2 - Grand Junction, CO to Draper, UT

We were off and running at 10:30 again after an excellent stay at Junction West. We had a somewhat abbreviated journey planned for today - only 268 miles to the town of Draper,UT - just outside of Salt Lake.
04-17 Entering Utah

We entered Utah on I70 after 26 miles and continued another 75 miles to Green River where we turned northwest on highway 6. The first 200 miles of today’s trip was almost entirely uninhabited desert on the edge of Moab and the rest of the incredible Utah canyons.

04-17 Jim Bridger
Shortly after the town of Price, we started climbing and went from 5,400 feet to the 7,600 foot summit. The Ram 3500 pulling the 38ft 16,000 lb RV conquered the 12 mile climb without slowing. After descending, we passed a small wind farm just before we joined I15 - the major north-south Utah interstate.
04-17 The big climb
04-17 I15-The hiway

When we merged onto I15, the traffic laden, construction burdened driving certainly was a more challenging experience. Fortunately, we soon arrived in Draper and were ready to call it a day.