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Leg 3 - Draper, UT to Boise, ID

We’re in Boise. When we left Mountain Shadows in Draper, UT, rains were starting and forecasted to be very unpleasant. Sure enough. It rained fairly steadily for the first 3 hours of our journey.

04-18 - Mountain Shadows
Although towing the RV in traffic in the wasn’t our preference, it wasn’t too bad. The disappointing aspect was that the cloud cover obscured or diminished what was obviously a beautiful drive.

04-18 - Idaho
We went north on I15 before heading northwest on I84. The rolling hills that we passed for miles were spectacular. Finally at 2 pm, we finally started get glimpses of the sun and some blue skies.

04-18 - I84 ID
We enjoyed going through Snake River country. It is truly gorgeous. The Snake River may be the number one recreation river in the country all the water sports you can imagine. It also provides rafting enthusiasts with the opportunity to raft into Yellowstone National Park.

We arrived in a small, pleasant RV park (Mountain View RV Park) on the eastern edge of the city. It turns out that it is next to NIFC - National Interagency Fire Center - the nation’s wildfire management headquarters.

04-18 - Mountain View-NIFC

Tomorrow we will head to Prosser, WA to stay for 2 days at the Wine Country RV Park. Take a look at the link and you can see why it will be pleasant to take a break in Prosser.