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Great Falls to Balzac, AB

We had a long day ahead of us. We left Great Falls at 9:30 heading for the Calgary, AB area. That meant that we were going through Canadian customs in Sweetgrass, MT.
GF-Balz  005

The drive to Sweetgrass was similar the the terrain that we had been passing through for 3 days. At least the wind had dropped to a reasonable strength and the sun fell on us for most of the 360 mile drive.

GF-Balz  004
It’s unusual to be able to have fun at a customs stop. But this time it was. After a 45 minute line in which we followed still another Heartland Bighorn 5th wheel, we pulled up to the customs booth. We passed the young woman agent our passports and answered her typical questions about guns, weapons, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, etc, She then asked Maureen “Don’t you get grief about your passport photo?” It was a do-it-yourself passport photo that didn’t quite meet the official passport criteria. It was too close, she’s wearing glasses and is less then perfect. Maureen assured her that it’s as good as it gets and we all had some fun laughs.
GF-Balz  003

The truck performed like a champ. Our mileage climbed to 11.4 mpg and then dropped off a bit as we hit some almost stop and go Calgary rush hour traffic. We were sort of headed to Whispering Spruce in Balzac unenthusiastically due to old reviews (2008) and a 2009 stop of our own. But it had to improve, right? WRONG!! After almost getting stuck in a muddy quagmire (videos and more photos soon), we did a minimal setup and opted to get on the road relatively early on Tues. We connected to their power and lowered the front jacks to get some weight off the truck. We had no water and no internet. We ate some left overs, watched some TV, and called it a night after a 360 mile drive.

GF-Balz  002

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