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Hot Springs to BBQ

After a thoroughly spectacular day yesterday with plenty of wildlife and topped of with a break in Liard Hot Springs, today was a bit of a change. We were psyched to get to Whitehorse because of some history and a real treat. But let’s start at the beginning.

We departed Watson Lakes’ Downtown RV at 10:15, we stopped at the Sign Post Forest for a some photography. How can you not?

So what is the Sign Post Forest? It was in 1942while building the Alcan Highway. While injured, Pvt Carl Lindley put up a sign to his home town of Danville, IL. He was home sick and this was a way to deal with it. It then exploded. Today there are 72,000 sign posted and it continues growing. You can check it out at
0510  028

From there, we headed west. Soon after leaving the town, we encountered Nugget City and the Wolf it Down restaurant. We had stopped there in 2009 and truly enjoyed s conversation with the proprietor. He had regaled us with many Alaska historical stories over breakfast and we were curious if he was still there. He was and it was again a fun break in a long excursion. He actually remembered us as he mentioned to another customer that we were headed for the Kenai Peninsula. This customer was also headed to Cooper Landing to work at Guin’s Lodge.
0510  029

So off we went again. We encountered some caribou and our first moose (2). The scenery was spectacular as the Rockies rose around us.

The event of the day. We had received a coupon for a significant discount on fuel. The service was 100 miles (I thought) along the highway. With fuel in the transfer tank and the remaining fuel in the main tank, 100 miles was a no brainer. Unfortunately there was a breakdown in communications because the station was 165 miles away. This “discrepancy” was almost a disaster. As we creeped towards 0 fuel, there were no stations available for 160 miles. We pulled into the Teslin Motel service area with the gauge below red and the overflow tank empty. But we got our discount. In order to reach Teslin, I had to drive as conservatively as possible which resulted in 11.9 mpg despite many ascents to as much as 3300 ft. Another lesson learned (probably for the 10th time).
0510  030

Now the HIGHLIGHT of the day.
0510  026

Before we left Colorado Springs, we came across some pictures from our 2004 trip to Alaska in our Nissan Mirano. It was a quick trip of 4 weeks but completely excited us about Alaska. During our overnight in Whitehorse, we went to the Klondike Salmon and BBQ, Along with the great meal, me had a delightful time with the staff - especially Dona (although we didn’t recall her name). Although we’ve tried to return, we’ve never been able to due to their seasonal schedule.
0510  032

Since we were going to be passing through Whitehorse a bit later, we were hopeful that this time we would be able to return the the Klondike. We found a contact page on the Klondike web site and sent her a hopeful email. She responded that they wouldn’t be opening until Mother’s Day. After exchanging a couple of email describing our plight and sending her the 2004 pictures, she insisted that we couldn’t leave Whitehorse without some of their ribs. As a matter of fact, she had been our waitress and we had several pictures of her. She has since become the owner of the Klondike.
0510  031

So last night we stopped by the restaurant where they were busy for the Mother’s Day opening. Dona excitedly welcomed us and said that all was ready but she would have to deliver the ribs to our Bighorn a bit later. Yup, she would deliver the ribs. Sure enough, she arrived at 9:00 and brought ribs and bread pudding! Despite the pressure of an opening tomorrow, Dona was a delight. We talked and laughed for a few minutes, Maureen gave her one of the Teddies and we promised to try and return this fall if we get to Whitehorse in time.
0510  033

Needless to say, we ate like champs this evening. The ribs were perfect and the sourdough bread pudding was amazing. It was hard, but we saved some for Sunday as well.

This is way too long so we’ll close by saying that it’s goodbye to Canada tomorrow. It’s a relatively long drive to Tok (390 miles) with about 100 miles of sketchy road. But we gain an hour with a time zone change so we should arrive in Tok at a reasonable time.

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