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Much improved

Today, it was Casper, WY to Billings, MT. The weather clear and bright and WINDY again. And again out of the North. What gives? Other than that it was a pleasant drive of only 285 miles.

Montana is a large state with terrain varying from plains to spectacular mountains. We started in the plains and as we proceeded west, it turned into beautiful rolling hills with many small herds of antelope. We also saw herds of cattle, sheep and horses. This route took us by the Crow reservation and the site of the Battle of the Little Big Horn. This could easily be a destination location for a few days.

We arrived in Billings at the Yellowstone River Campground. It was 60˚ and such a delightful change. We took some extra time setting up and, since we arrived so early, did a few outside maintenance tasks. We also refilled the thirsty tanks on the truck in anticipation of higher Canadian fuel prices.

Tomorrow will be a short drive to Great Falls, MT. It’s only 219 miles. We could have chosen to continue into Canada, but we enjoy Great Falls. Time to smell the roses.


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