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Still in Great Falls

The thought of driving into snow just didn’t invoke the excitement of adventurous travel. We’ve done before (not intensionally) and found it unappealing. So we have chosen to remain in Great Falls until tomorrow. This will give us a chance to do some organization and fixup as well as give Maureen’s back much needed relief. Please watch the video.

Besides, as I mentioned before, Great Falls is a pleasant city and this camping facility, although not perfectly landscaped, is ideal for a couple of extra days. Our next stop will be in the Calgary area. Two days ago it was 71˚. Today they expect 2-4 inches of snow. Edmonton (about 200 miles to the north and our next destination) is not impacted by this storm. And furthermore, our route to Alaska looks perfect weather wise. So we’ve opted to use patience and enjoy the break.

So let’s look at some travel information:

We’ve gone 880 miles which is 25% of our journey,

How far north we’re going:

Colorado Springs - 38˚ North
Great Falls - 47˚
Dublin, Ireland - 53.3˚ For our Irish friends (not on our route though)
Edmonton, AB - 53.5˚
Whitehorse, YT - 61˚
Tok, AK - 63˚ This is the farthest north our route takes us
Cooper Landing - 60˚

Some other interesting facts about being in Cooper Landing in the summer.
  • The temperatures are ideal. Although they frequently touched the 80s last summer, that the exception, not the rule. We have experienced 60s and 70s with it dipping to the 50s at night. Probably not a lot swimming days but the glacial cold lakes and rivers are a bigger deterrent.
  • The hours of sunshine are amazing, In the fertile Matsu Valley, they are able to grow MASSIVE vegetables and have popular contests that draw a highly competitive and secretive crowd to the venues. The biggest of which is probably the Alaska State Fair.
  • The salmon fishing is about a good as any in the world. They get fishermen from the whole world descending on the tiny town of Cooper Landing. The fishing technique is known as combat fishing. Check out our first day of salmon fishing video.
  • The bears come out to get their fair share of salmon, berries and whatever else they enjoy. These are primarily brown bears (grizzlies) with some less bold black bears. Here’s a fun video of some of the brown bears on the Russian River.

So we bide our time for another day then get back on the road to complete our 3500 mile drive.

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