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A short hop to Edmonton.

We got out of Balzac at 9. Neither of us slept all that well because we were a bit concerned about the process of escaping from Whispering Spruce. I got up at 5 and went out and explored the departure alternatives. We sure had to avoid the mud pit we visited the previous evening.

Lo and behold, it had gotten cold enough overnight that most of the mud was frozen relatively hard. This gave us more incentive to get an early start before the mud thawed. Not that there was any chance of that since it was in the mid-20s - rising to 28 when we finally escaped. Oh - and yes - there were heavy headwinds again. We decided to back up about 20 ft to use the slightly less muddy exit road. We proceeded in 4-wheel drive at a mere crawl and we joked and exclaimed about the conditions in this so-called RV park.

We proceeded north on route 2 for our short 180 mile drive to Glowing Embers RV Park. We’ve stayed there 2 previous times and it has become one of our favorite stops. The staff is always gracious and the sites are excellent. We did have one unnerving incident along the highway. We were rolling along at our patient 60 mph and were being passed by still another 18 wheeler. There was certainly nothing unusual about the truck but all of a sudden something flew off the truck and slammed into our windshield. How the windshield held together still amazes us. Also it was the most startling experience we can remember. The windshield residue indicated that it was likely an ice chunk - not a rock or a gunshot because it sure sounded like a gunshot to us.

We had intended to stop here for a couple of days, but changed our minds after staying in Great Falls for several days. But since we got in so early (12:30), we were able to get our tanks filled up and revisit the WEM (West Edmonton Mall). It’s a kick to stop in and be amazed. Here are some photos from one of our favorites a full service Asian super market. We’ll be putting more WEM photos and videos online soon.

IMG_1044 IMG_1059

IMG_1084 IMG_1088

These are ALL part of the WEM:

2 hotels
Theme Streets:
Bourbon Street
Europa Boulevard
WEM Main Streets
Galaxyland Amusement Park
World Waterpark
Deep sea Adventure
Sea Life Caverns
Sea Lions’ Rock
Professor Wem’s Adventure Golf
Ice Palace
Ed’s Rec Room/300 Club Lounge
Dragon’s Tale Blacklight Mini-Golf
West Edmonton Mall holds records for:
World's largest indoor amusement park
  • World's largest indoor triple loop rollercoaster
  • World's largest indoor lake
  • World's largest indoor wavepool
  • World's largest parking lot
Did You Know?
  • 5.3 million square feet (size of a small city)
  • The length of the Mindbender is equivalent to 48 blue whales lying end to end
  • West Edmonton Mall's size is equivalent to 48 city blocks
  • Yearly visitation to the Mall is approximately 30.8 million
  • With more than 800 stores and services, it would take three 24-hour days to visit each one once.
Tomorrow it’s off to Dawson Creek, BC which is Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway. It’s another 360 mile trek and we gain an hour with a change to Pacific Time Zone at the BC border.
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