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Mile 280 - Fort Nelson

0508  017
We’re sitting in Fort Nelson after a pleasant 280 mile drive from Dawson Creek. The weather was great - though a bit hazy. The highlight of the drive was a brief visit to Pink Mountain. It’s a “town” at Mile 143 at 3760’ altitude. Why was this so special? In 2009, on our first Alaska trip with the RV, we were caught in an ugly snow storm.
0508  020
The Alaska Highway offers few opportunities to pull over and park, so we were forced to continue on a mountainous, snowy, windy drive. By the time Pink Mountain appeared, after driving about 120 challenging miles, we were pretty rattled and desperate for a break. Amazingly, they had an RV park that, although not officially open, was perfect for us. We were limited to 15 amp power but were more than grateful for that.
0508  021

By the time we left 2 days later, some truckers told us about two motor homes and a 5th wheel that had been blown off the road during that storm. Now we loved Pink Mountain even more.

The highway conditions were great and the scenery endless. Again - photos will arrive in a later post due to internet issues, We actually had a 10% decent grade down to a river crossing at one point. We thank the Ram’s exhaust brakes for helping us negotiate that with a 16,000 lb RV on the back.
0508  018

The most surprising sights were the omnipresent oil activity in completely remote areas. The oil companies have installed modular quarters in the most isolated areas for their workers to be able to get to the sites. Some of the facilities are a bit irritating because a tower with burning gas appears out of nowhere, sort of spoiling the feeling of the Highway.
0508  025

We’re a bit worn out but looking forward to tomorrow’s leg. The drive to Watson Lake (home of the Signpost Forest) includes two substantial mountain passes, a large herd of buffalo, a glorious hot springs, a magnificent lake and ,hopefully, more wildlife. And, of course, Toad River Crossing. As we proceed to Watson Lake, We will cross the BC/YT (Yukon Territories) border no less than 6 times.

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