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What a day!

We were on the road by 9:30. It chilly (34˚) and breezy but we got packed up and off we went.

Denver traffic proved to be a challenge but we could take comfort in the fact that we would experience traffic issues only 2 more times (Calgary and Anchorage). We made a quick stop just north of Denver to make package exchange with our son Geoffrey. He met us at Exit 235 on I25 to give Maureen a devise for her back and we gave him the keys to the house.

We also got a chance to experience the WIND slamming into our face as we drove. During the day we were constantly buffered by 45 MPH winds with gusts at 65 MPH and more. The issue was fuel. It drove our mileage for a typical 15 mpg to 8 mpg. Thank goodness for our fuel transfer tank for an extra 50 gallons.

In Wyoming, along with the constant winds, we hit snow squalls, sleet and freezing temperature. It was a painful drive, especially for the first day. Our arrival in Casper was very welcomed and other than the fact it was wet and cold, we were happy to be there.

Casper East RV Park was fine despite the fact that we were too close to railroad tracks. We envisioned a My Cousin Vinnie moment in the morning, but it didn’t happen, thankfully, We chose to go out to eat and ended up at the “Pizza Ranch”. We had no idea what to expect, but had a very enjoyable though less than healthy meal. How can you beat a pizza buffet with and fried chicken and the fixins?

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