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On the brink

We’re leaving soon. We are attempting to prepare as if we full-timing (living in the RV for years — not weeks or months) so it’s taking a bit of extra time to pack. We also are making extra maintenance steps since the Alaska Highway is such a such a challenging experience. It’s not the condition of the highway or the terrain. It is the miles of uninhabited stretches and the lack of passing motorists. It’s easy to go 20 miles without seeing another vehicle. So we have to be prepared.

We had the Dodge Ram 3500 serviced big time. We’ve also had the bearings packed and replaced the OEM tires on the Bighorn. On our 2011 Alaska, we hit a severe enough bump to bring the demise of our Dometic RV refrigerator. All of the internet help and other expertise failed to revive it, so we installed a standard 10.3 CuFt electric fridge at $400 vs a $1400 gas/electric RV fridge. It should retain the necessary temperature as we travel. We also considered installing an inverter to run off the 12 volt battery but I was a bit intimidated by the installation challenges.

So we’re about ready. We are now going to clean the house, follow the weather and then it’s off to Alaska.


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