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Wow - What a day!

First. I finally got the mud incident video uploaded. It’s fun:

We left Fort Nelson at 9:15 - a bit earlier than normal. The fact that we had no internet was an influencer as was the fact that it was to be a longer than normal day.
0509  012

It’s a 320 mile five to Watson Lake in the Yukon Territories. And we had to drive through the Rockies. We started at 1250 ft elevation in Ft Nelson and crossed 3 passes - 1 at 4200 ft and 2 at 3700 ft. We finally landed at Watson Lake at 2200 ft. We did some serious climbing and equivalent descents. This meant constant concentration.
0509  014

But with all this, the day was awesome. On our initial climb, before we were photographically ready, we came across a black bear munching on the grass along the edge of the highway. This was followed by some deer, a bunch of caribou, another black bear and finally the ever present buffalo.

0509  009
We also enjoyed our required Toad River Crossing stop for a very enjoyable lunch and counted the 9009 hats. We then passed the large, beautiful and frozen Muncho Lake.

Our next stop was the glorious Liard Hot Springs. It was going to be a challenge for Maureen but she was determined to walk the 1/2 miles to the hot springs.
0509  010
She insisted that I go ahead, so off I went. I climbed into the hot springs and it was awesome. After luxuriating in the pool for about 10 minutes, I moved down to the falls and I enjoyed the hot water pouring over my shoulders.

Maureen had not arrived and I was convinced that she was not going to be able to enjoy the Liard experience. As I headed back to the truck, I was surprised to find her sitting on a bench about 2/3 of the way to the hot springs. When I came up to her, she said that a Hot Springs worker-bee had gone for a golf cart. WOW! Sure enough, along came the young (18) man to transport her the rest of the way.

She climbed in and spent 20-30 minutes enjoying the toasty water, exercising and relaxing. As she was about to exit, an elderly couple was climbing into the pool. The gentleman had difficulty walking so Maureen helped him to a bench in the middle of the pool. Her nursing instincts never rest, Coincidentally they were from Soldotna so we may see them at Wildmans this summer. After she climbed out of the pool and dried off, another worker-bee gave us a ride back to the Bighorn.
0509  011

Off we went. But we still had four more stops along the way to enjoy the buffalo. We finally pulled into the Downtown RV Park more than ready to call it a day. This drive - Fort Nelson to Watson Lake - remains the most spectacular and satisfying drive we’ve done. It’s certainly not easy, but well worth it.
0509  015
Tomorrow it’s off to Whitehorse, the capital of YT. This is a shorter trek at 270 miles and relatively uneventful. Whitehorse itself is going to be a special stop and we’re anxious for tomorrow evening.

0509  013

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