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A pleasant day

We got a late start on purpose). We were looking at a short leg (220 miles) from Billings to Great Falls, MT. So we set off at 11 AM on balmy 50˚ sunny morning.

We had to start by going through the middle of town at then up a steep climb to a plateau above the city. That happens to be where the Billings airport is located. I modified the tuning on the Ram using a computer from Hypertech in the hopes of improving our mileage. Results to follow.

The day was gorgeous. We were driving into a reasonable breeze for the most part under a bright, blue sky. By the time we arrived in Great Falls the temperature had risen to 75˚. The scenery didn’t disappoint either. We are staying at Dick’s RV Park. We’ve been here before and have an affinity for it primarily because of the walking paths in the vicinity that we used to take Angus on.

The strange tree pictured here was the clever creation in the middle of nowhere. Why the Medusa in the hinterlands of Montana? Who would have guessed.

Now for the mileage story. We jumped to a respectable 10.4 mpg. That’s a 2+ mpg improvement over the previous 2 days. We were hoping for more but the climbing and the prevailing breeze kept us below our hoped for 13-15 mpg. You can tell the the wind was at times significant by the biggest wind farm we’ve seen in a while.
IMG_0901-2 IMG_0888-2
Tomorrow we will cross into Canada with a destination of Balzac, AB. This is a small town 30 miles north of Calgary and about 330 miles north and west of Great Falls. We are looking at some weather challenges over the next few days including snow and cold. Here’s hoping we can avoid most of it.
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