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On the way to the Alaska Highway

0507  032

We woke this morning in Edmonton to a 20˚ morning. Surprise, surprise. And the hose was frozen. I quickly brought a heater to the basement in the hopes that the internal water system didn’t freeze yet. I was able to disconnect the hose from the Bighorn. The hose and outdoor faucet were frozen solid. So I returned to my coffee and distracted myself with some video editing so that I wouldn’t fret over the temperature.
0507  026

As the sun rose, the thermometer rose quickly. After I disconnected the hose from the faucet I brought it into the sun and it thawed relatively quickly. I was also able to connect water to the RV with an alternate hose and found, happily, that we had no frozen, broken pipe issues.
0507  027

We got on the road at 10 AM heading for Dawson Creek, BC 360 mile northwest. Since Glowing Embers RV Park is a few miles west of Edmonton, we were in the countryside very soon. We had plenty of 18 wheeler and strange oil fracking trailers for company however. The roads for most of the day were in fine shape considering the weather that they have to endure. We did have occasions of unpleasantness with ugly frost heaves (waves in the roads the southerners). These conditions are challenging for the truck and the RV and can cause cabinet doors to open and things to move.
0507  028

There were a few good sized towns along the way but they were few and far between. There’s lots of activity though, thanks to oil, logging and highway repair/construction. One of the cities we passed through was Grande Prairie, AB shortly before getting into British Columbia. The place is booming with an amazing amount of building. Oil is the reason.

Thanks to the time zone change at the AB/BC border, we arrived in Dawson Creek at 4:30.

So - here we are at Mile 0. We’ve now gone about 1700 miles which is just about half way. We’ve had a few incidents so far but nothing that shouldn’t have been avoided (the freezing, the mud pit). Both of us are doing very well and enjoying the experience again.
0508  016

Tomorrow we head to Fort Nelson which is 280 miles down the line. This will take us over the first of three mountains and will remind us of the ugly snow challenges that we experienced in 2009. A bit about that later.

0507  029

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