Heading Home

The season is winding down. Wells Beach Resort closes on 10/15 and that will be the day we depart for Colorado.

Our plans are to take a fairly direct northerly route via I80 through NY, PA, OH, IN, IL, IA, NE and finally Colorado. With a bit of luck, we'll arrive in Colorado Springs on 10/21.

We are in the process of getting ready to depart. We have to do some arranging, cleaning, reorganizing and planning which should take a couple of busy days. We also have to get the truck ready for the journey as well with new tires, an oil change and overall vehicle check.

We intend to do a couple of nights of boondocking (staying free) in places like Walmart, Home Depot, etc. The downside is that we would have no AC power so we aren't too enthusiastic about these kinds of stops.

We typically extend 1 side and stay connected to the truck when we boondock so it's easy in and easy out. The availability of campgrounds and boondocking facilities will determine what we do.
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Wells, ME
Milford, PA
Emlenton, PA
Elkhart, IN
Iowa City, IA
Henderson, NE
Ogallala, NE

Milford - River Beach CG
Emlenton - Gaslight CG
Elkhart - Elkhart CG
Iowa City - Colony Country CG
Henderson - Prairie Oasis CG
Ogallala- Country View CG

617 (299)
964 (347)
1282 (318)
1643 (361)
1862 (219)
2131 (269)
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Getting Ready

A year ago we were getting ready for our Alaska departure. This year it's off to Maine.

We have finally had a streak of good weather and are able to start prepping the Heartland Bighorn 5th Wheel.

It survived the unusually cold and snowy winter in perfect shape. After we inspected the exterior, we entered and found that all is well. There were no leaks. There was even any dust.
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We will be heading north and avoiding the LARGE metropolitan areas like Washington and New York.

When we reach Massachusetts, we will be staying for a few days in the Northampton area before completing our journey to Maine.

Please follow us as we prepare to leave and then share our journey.

Our Plans

We're due to start work at Wells Beach Resort on 5/15. We actually plan to arrive on 5/12. We've opted to take a southern route with brief stops in Dallas (see old friends and stomping grounds) and Baton Rouge (enjoy some Cajun hospitality). We are then proceeding east to Jacksonville, FL before turning north.

Why Maine?

After our incredible Alaska stay and the excellent Workamper experience at Wildman's, we decided that it would be nice to return to New England to see friends and relatives. We then opted for Maine to be able to conveniently visit Canada's Maritime Provinces.

Our next decision was to line up a Workamper job. After reviewing our 4th quarter pdf edition of Workamper News, we applied for employment at Wells Beach Resort in Wells, ME and were soon offered the positions.

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Our conversations with Elaine Hayden, the Operations manager, were very positive and upbeat. We are really looking forward to opportunity.
The offer actually occurred on Maureen's birthday while we were in Santa Fe, NM celebrating both her birthday and our anniversary. How could we possible not take the offer?
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