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Adel, IA to Milton, WI

After delaying our Adel departure for a day. we took off for a 360 miles leg to Milton, WI. Milton is just north of Janesville, WI and used to be a stop for George when he was with IBM in Rockford, IL.

We settled into a challenging back-in, uphill, on-a-corner site. It was the first backing experience the we've had with the Solitude. Also we got to appreciate the Pull-rite slide hitch. George had to put the Ram into 4-wheel to deal with backing up a fairly steep incline to the site, but the truck handled the challenge with no real problem. And so did we.

We went to a restaurant on a lake and had a relaxing meal (George had an excellent Chicago style hot dog and I had an ahi filet.)

We only stayed in Milton for one night before we headed for Wisconsin Dells.
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