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Day 1 in Adel

Since we have the whole day to occupy ourselves while Lisa and Roger work, George made it his goal to download some shows for our evening entertainment. We found a nice place for a lunch of chicken and pizza and, unbeknown to me, George had logged on to the restaurant's WiFi and downloaded 8 shows! One that we are currently enjoying is Heartland on Netflix. Meanwhile the pioneers are probably staving off intruders and wild animals!

We left around 4pm to head to Polk City where Roger and Lisa work. It is a Corp of Engineers campground. Polk City is about 45 min away so we took a beautiful back way enjoying the country roads not having to worry about 16,000 pounds behind us.

The campground is just beautiful! Large lovely lots with plenty of shade trees. Prairie Flower campground gets a 4.5 stars on a scale of 5…..pretty darn good! As you may guess, the first thing we check is the Internet…..which automatically will give a park 5 stars if it is reliable. However, we have yet to have experienced a decent WiFi. Frequently we are able to use the hotspot on our phones.

Roger had just gotten home from work when we arrived and was showering so we sat with Lisa in their lovely yard and did some catching up. After Roger joined us and we finished with the catch up, end went to the Pizza Ranch for ….yes, pizza, chicken and great salad bar. When we had our fill they took us on a tour of the area.

We learned that FaceBook and Google have massive servers located in Des Moines that we saw on our way out of town. As a matter of face, Des Moines has a surprising number of tech companies.

It was a nice ride back home and we settled in to watch 3 of those 8 shows!
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