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Day 2 in Adel

We had every intension of this this morning, but an overnight cloudburst "dampened" our enthusiasm. We got a 1 day extension on our site opted to chill for the day.

The only items worth mentioning are:

  • Found a very pleasantly surprising seafood restaurant in West Des Moines
  • T-Mobile access was so good that George was able to download 10 more shows

Technology blurb:
Went moved from ATT to T-Mobile in April and love it. They have unlimited streaming for about any network you can imagine including Netflix, Amazon, PBS, NBC and a zillion others. That means that we can stream whenever we have reasonable T-Mobile connection, which has been the majority of time.

When the campground hasn't got reception (WiFi and T-Mobile), Amazon and Netflix allow downloading much of their content, so we're covered.