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Day 4 in Wisconsin Dells

As mentioned Wisconsin Dells is the water park capital of the US with ever so many parks and the next more grand than the previous. The campground is amazing with the activities it provides for the campers and their families. Since they are geared for a younger crowd we chose to go on a ride. It might be a good thought to consider this area if you are at a loss for vacation ideas and want to entertain the kiddies. The only thing that the Dells has that outnumbers the water parks is the Pizza places. We decided that since it is a “younger” crowd oriented area and kids NEVER refuse pizza….ergo the incredible number of places.
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We created a large circle traveling on the country roads that lasted about 3 1/2 hours and got home and settled in for a few of our shows…..oh, at different locations he downloaded 39 shows in the series mentioned earlier!
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It still is amazing us the acres and acres of corn and soybeans covering the landscape. We have had the pleasure of stopping at some local farms who advertise farm fresh vegetables and have procured some of that wonderful corn and great veggies for salads. We had forgotten the significant difference between fresh corn and what you get at the grocery store.

When living in WI and IL we used to go to the DelMonte farm in Rochelle, IL and purchase dozens of corn. At that time it was $1 for 5 dozen! Needless to say we froze it and had that awesome corn all winter. People used to go the the DelMonte fields and steal the corn so they decided to set up an opportunity for people to purchase at a steal of a deal!
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Today I got spoiled! Nancy Zieman is a sewing personality who has the longest running sewing TV show stretching over a 30+ year span. Her location is in Beaver Dam, WI and that became one of our destinations today. Unlike Facebook (I will go back and see if pic of FB is posted and post if not), which looks faceless, Nancy’s store and distribution center announces itself and it is “uge”.
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Managed to wander the WHOLE store leisurely as Papa sat in car under that shade tree and worked on the next leg of the trip. Thankfully the weather was perfect with no chance of overheating and he never notice I must have spent an hour in the store. She had lots of wonderful, unique fabrics but living in an RV makes you behave……got 2 pieces and one is ……what else…..corn on the cob!!!

We headed “south” toward Camping World near Madison to get our RV fix. The ride back to Christmas Mountain RV park was as delightful as it was during the rest of the day. 168 miles later we were tucked back in Sol.