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Elm Creek, NE to Adel, IA

Day 3 Tuesday

Onward and upward….literally as we are now headed to Adel, Iowa (north). Just outside Des Moines, we stopped at a lovely KOA where we are booked in for 2 nights. Lovely, large, pullthru RV spots with lots of amenities. We have learned KOA has several classifications of campgrounds. Our first night was spent in a “Journey” which is mostly populated with people who just need a one night stay on their trips.

This one is called “KOA Holiday”….KOA is evolving many of their locations into KOA Journeys, KOA Holidays, and KOA Resorts. Each of these KOAs have sites, facilities and amenities designed to meet the needs of every type of camping experience. Almost sounds like I took that off their site, doesn’t it? Now we just need to check out the “Resort” style. The KOA in Tucson (on our way back to Colorado) was awesome. We had a spot that had an overhead protection from the sun that was actually a support for solar panels.

This day amused us as we kept thinking of the pioneers. Here we are in a big dually pickup truck hauling a 41 ft “home” and while we are heading down the road, we have the “hotspot” on the phone to provide us with Internet capability for the iPad or the computer. Our “roughing it” was just a bit different! We often look out and see a road going on ad infanatum and think of what the pioneers must have thought when they looked out at the same sight….and of course, no paved road, not knowing what they will experience down the road, no restaurants, exposed to the weather…..oh, and so much more!
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We are seeing the results of traveling with 18 wheelers. There are bits and pieces of tires all along the highway. This, of course, means we travel with LOTS of 18 wheelers as the route is a major east - west road. But it also means how much truck stops and rest stops can mean. Not all stations have Diesel fuel so it is good to see he truck stops where we can fill our tank and our overflow tank. Rest stops vary from bare bones with outhouses to beautiful buildings with literature, indoor restrooms, attendant to give assistance, outdoor covered picnic areas AND WiFi.
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Ah, we did go by Harold Warp’s Pioneer World that we stopped at in the ’60’s while on one of our drives from Colorado to New England. Each time Gram and Grampa George came west to visit us (from MA) they stopped here and managed to pick up a few tchotches! We managed to drive on by and remain unscathed!
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It was one of the longer days for traveling but we were entertained by trucks transporting the parts of a windmill and quite amazed at the size of the blades and tower parts.
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