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Goodland, KS to Elm Creek, NE

Day 2 - Monday

10:06a and we are hooked up and ready to roll down the highway. We think the hitch was twisted a bit as it was a bit of a challenge, taking several tries to feel it was secure and locked in properly…..just hate the thought of loosing a 16,000 pound RV along the highway.

Today is scheduled to be approximately 193 miles with 160 of the miles on country roads. The roads were actually quite good and not heavily traveled…..which is fine with us.

Although not many exciting sights, we get to see middle America and miles and miles of corn fields and soybean fields. It may sound boring but we fell in love with the beautiful patterns created by the rows and rows of corn in the fields and the hillsides. We have discovered and try to find the special beauty in every section of the country. Along with the fascination of the pattern of corn, we were amazed with the irrigation. Some are constructed in a long row to travel over the entire field, end to end and others in a circular format creating the same pattern for the rows of corn…..creating crop circles!
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We arrived in Elm Creek, NE to the most interesting campground. It was a “bare bones” campground with many little trailers that are quite old and look like the type that are generally rented to temporary construction employees. You find a spot, set up and then go to the little shack that has envelopes where you put your CASH for your spot. Since we are members of Passport America it cost us $20 —- $15 + $5 for tax! Otherwise it would have been $30!
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After getting set up and relaxing for a few minutes, we drove into town to see what we might check out. We stumbled on a great little grocery store with 2 hour old sweet corn. Couldn't pass that up. So for supper, I prepared a fresh salad with a couple of spectacular ears of sweet corn.

A very pleasant surprise was that Sunny Meadows Campground had a very satisfactory WiFi. This was important since our cell service was almost non-existent.
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