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Milton, WI to Wisconsin Dells

A nice short (82 mi) drive from Milton to Wisconsin Dells. We got an 11 AM start which should put us in our site in Christmas Mountain RV Resort - a Coast to Coast Resort.

The trip was anything but pleasant. Besides a rough road with both accident and construction slowdowns, we were hit with stop and go situations that are a challenge for a pleasant Saturday afternoon.

We finally arrived at Christmas Mountain at 1:30 but struggled to find the registration building. it too 2 drives around a challenging access road and a phone call before finally
getting registered with a RV site.

Then we had to make one more traverse around the winding access road in order to get to the campground. Of course once again we had a somewhat challenging back-in. After getting parked in our site and unhooked, we pressed "Auto Level" and stood back and watched the right wheels get lifted off the ground to reach happiness. WOW.

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