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Monument, CO to Goodland, KS

We left Colorado Heights and the rain there around 10 am and started our journey to travel to the last 4 states to complete our US map which indicates the states we have visited in an RV. This is a campers “must do” and then it should be displayed where all other campers can see how well traveled you are. We have been lucky enough to have traveled to Hawaii as well but not by RV…..too tough on the truck in all that water.
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Our goal is North and South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Our plan then is to determine the best location to observe the Eclipse and make that our net destination.
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Sol is only 10.1 months old and still relatively new to us. It sports a 6 point leveling system which is “automatic” (we to do all the work manually on our Heartland) and we are still getting use to it when unhooking and hooking up. We have a new sliding hitch as the cab of this RV is longer than the other and there was a good chance we could hit the cab of the truck on a tight turn. Just so that was not too easy on us with the new leveling system, we get to learn a new “hook up” routine. By the end of the trip we should be experts on both!

Congratulations to NE Colorado. Your hillsides are peppered with windmills offering alternative energy.
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Today we are headed to Goodland, KS for our first nites stop. Our trip was approximately 183 miles which was perfect and we got to try our hand again at leveling and unhooking.

After a fairly quick setup, we relaxed a bit and decided to go out for a bit to eat. Since it was Sunday in a small plains town, our expectations weren't high. Luckily. The Steak and Shake didn't meet our very low expectations. They were obviously understaffed and unprepared for a somewhat large crowd showing up.